Alan Dershowitz on the Falsely Accused

"On an intellectual level, I could understand what it must feel like to have people think that you are guilty of a heinous crime when you know you are innocent. But until it happened to me, I would have no real comprehension of what it actually feels like, on an emotional level. My education is now complete: I understand—really understand—why it is so important to protect the innocent as well as to punish the guilty. Now I feel the need to redouble my efforts on behalf of the falsely accused, as I have been one of them." -Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, Harvard University

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"White Collar" Domestic Violence: Sanctioned by the State

Link: How Abusers Use Fraudulently Obtained Protective Orders as State Sanctioned Licenses to Control, Stalk and Intimidate their Victims for Power and Control So Calculated that Victims may be Prevented from Attending School, Going to Work, or Even Being Able to Reside in Their Own Homes
The fraudulently obtained protective order is the new tool of abuse for abusers to obtain total power and control over their victims. The protective order is obtained using false allegations of domestic violence and abuse against the victim in an open court of law without due process or an evidentiary hearing. The protective order is then used as a state sanctioned license to stalk, harass, intimidate and continue to abuse the victim. The victim lives in constant fear that they will be arrested and incarcerated anytime the abuser chooses to place their victims in jail -- thereby playing the victims of their own crimes. This is the new "white collar" form of domestic violence and abuse. It is a tactic used by both men and women, to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody battle, or to have a domestic partner simply removed from a lease and trespassed from their own homes. In the case of a victims' terrible misfortune of coupling with a psychopath or sociopath suffering from a narcissistic and borderline personality disorder - the protective order is fraudulently obtained by means of false accusations of domestic violence abuse simply to gain total power and control over their victims; while simultaneously intentionally inflicting emotional distress  to hurt, humiliate and publicly harm the reputations of their victims. This in and of itself allows the abuser to compromise the integrity of their victims with a permanent public record -- thereby slandering and defaming the character of their victims. This not only serves to satisfy the malicious intent of the abuser: it also renders the victim helpless in any and all attempts to plead innocence and defend themselves to law enforcement and the courts. Acts of malicious intent by way of falsifying police reports, manufacturing evidence and committing perjury in a court of law -- all crimes at a felony offense level -- go criminally unprosecuted because restraining order courts are of a civil nature, held by low level officials **with no due process**. Any attempts by the victims to file complaints or police reports of their own are useless and futile attempts to protect themselves because probable cause cannot be proven -- a victim simply cannot *prove* with tangible evidence the intent or motive of the abuser. All attempts by victims to file complaints or police reports to protect themselves DO embolden and provoke the abuser to escalate the abusive behavior toward the victim to the point where the victim cannot attend school, go to work, or even leave the premises of their own homes out of living in a constant state of fear the abuser will have them arrested on a whim: without due process and without protection the victim is ultimately under the total power and control of the abuser.  Law enforcement and the legal system (the courts, the judges, the attorneys) are all simply pawns in the sociopath's sick game of abuse of process: carefully constructed web of lies is in itself so complex that victims are powerless to prove they are the victims of abuse, not perpetrators.  Over time after victims are professionally and academically destroyed, publicly humiliated and ultimately alienated and completely isolated from their community, their friends and even their own families, the victims begin to doubt themselves and eventually lose all sense of their identities as human beings.  Many commit suicide as a result of the abuse.